Digital transformation forecast in Mixed Reality and Augmented reality technologies

The last few years turned out to be hard for many both online and offline stores. Technology is an instrument that can help retailers significantly improve their marketing strategies and ensure a higher revenue. A continuous stream of new, digitally-based technological innovations is every day, conquering the world. This phenomenon is part of the current... Continue Reading →

How to work with Unity – MRTK 2.5.3. Android, Oculus Quest and Spatial Anchors without giving up in the process

Hello world, hello AR, VR, and XR lovers! 2021 its starting and I wanted to post an article that can guide you on how to work with the just-released version of MRTK, and export it to different Android devices. Unity version. Love the version of Unity 2020, in fact, I can鈥檛 wait until it gets... Continue Reading →

Building Autonomous Systems with Microsoft AI

Nowadays Artificial intelligence and machine learning offer unique opportunities and challenges for automating complex industrial systems. And a new paradigm is arriving to help us accomplish that, I am talking about 鈥淢achine teaching鈥. MT helps us to build ML systems, by moving the focus away from algorithms and onto successful model generation and deployment.Machine teaching... Continue Reading →

Understanding Autonomous systems, Machine Teaching and Bonsai Platform

Throughout history, managing the factory environment during a pandemic has been a difficult task. Today, COVID-19 has forced industries worldwide into an era of adoption. In what seems like an instant, entire business lines have adopted remote operating tools, digital collaboration resources, and virtual working environments. This normalization of next-generation technologies has opened the eyes... Continue Reading →

QnA Maker managed: now in public preview

If you try to create a QnA Maker today, you will notice the following option. 鈥淢anaged (preview)鈥. But what is this about? What鈥檚 new or which new features are introduced: Deep learnt ranker with enhanced relevance of results across all supported languages, based on Turing multilingual language model (T-ULRv2). Computation has been moved out of... Continue Reading →

Cloud-powered development environments for any activity

What is Visual Studio Codespaces? Visual Studio Codespaces provides cloud-powered development environments for any activity. Visual Studio Codespaces removes the barriers to rapid onboarding and context switching by enabling the simultaneous existence of many environments. Codespaces configures the runtime, compiler, debugger, editor, custom dotfile configurations, editor extensions, and the source code required to work on... Continue Reading →

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